Issue #4 set for July publication

Issue #4 (special horror theme issue) will be huge. Features 19 stories and 21 poems.

Am currently compiling contributor info in preparation for sending out contracts. All should receive theirs by the end of June. Will then begin making payments and doing final edit and layout. I anticipate publication last week of July.

Then I will start work on issue #5. Closed for short stories, but still open for poetry submissions. Hope to publish November/December.

Will probably open for short story submissions (for issue #6) in October.


Personal problems including cleaning apt free of bird antigens (I have a fatal allergy to birds and nearly died recently) continue to delay PB activity, but I hope to get back to editing upcoming issue #4 within the week. Hope to start sending out contracts soon. Realistically speaking, publication probably not till July, but hoping for late June.

I have not responded to author inquiries for some time. Nearly dying only one of the problems plaguing me of late. I’ll just say it’s not been a good year so far. Once I’ve reviewed what I accomplished on the issue up to the point where everything in my life fell apart, I’ll start reconnecting with the authors.

Will list definitive choice of short stories and poems within a week, or such is my goal. Due to cost constraints (which have worsened of late) I may have to reduce number of stories & poems to be published in the issue. At any rate, still intend to pay everybody appearing in #4 before publication.

Also intend to get out at least one more issue by the end of the year. Two more if possible. My original intention was to publish at least three issues a year. Still hoping to accomplish this.

Stay tuned.

P.S. Submissions still closed. Maybe reopen before year’s end.

Upcoming issue delayed

Had planned to publish Issue #4 (special horror issue) circa March/April. Severe health crisis combined with apartment renovations (expensive) take both time and money away from PB #4 preparations. Publication may be more like May/June period. Cannot predict at this time. However, definitely intend to publish eventually, preferably sooner than later. Will update as matters develop.

Polar Borealis Presentation at the Creative Ink Festival!

I will be making an hour-long presentation about Polar Borealis Magazine at the upcoming Creative Ink Festival. The Blurb in the program book will read:


“Are you a beginning short story writer struggling to compete with professional authors? Consider Polar Borealis Magazine, a semi-professional paying-market SF&F fiction zine aimed at beginning writers, especially those seeking their first sale. Polar Borealis Editor and Publisher R. Graeme Cameron will explain what he is trying to accomplish and the sort of story he is looking for. He will also reveal how the world’s worst business plan makes it ridiculously easy to publish a magazine. If Graeme can do it, anybody can do it!”

The Creative Ink Festival is a splendid gathering of writers, editors, publishers, and beginning writers eagerly seeking to become published authors.

Takes place Friday March 31st through Sunday April 2nd, 2017, at the Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre in Burnaby B.C.

For detailed information, check out:

POLAR BOREALIS #3 now online!

Polar Borealis #3 now available for free download!

With cover art by M.D. Jackson.

Interior art by G.W. Thomas.

Poems by Eileen Kernaghan, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, J.J. Steinfeld, Mary E. Choo, Kirsten Emmott, Matt Moore, Lisa Timpf, and Richard Stevenson.

Stories by Karl Johanson, L.L. Hill, Robert Dawson, James A. Conan, Michael Donoghue, Jonathan Cresswell-Jones, Holly Schofield, Sylvia Son, J.J. Steinfeld, Joe Mahoney, Kellee Kranendonk, S. Kay, Ira Nayman, Michael John Bertrand, William Squirrell, R. Graeme Cameron, Darren Ridgley, and Matthew Hughes.

Article by G.W. Thomas.

Just click on Current/Back Issues, then on the appropriate issue link.

Issue #3 gearing up!

Now that VCON 41 is over and my duties as Chair of that convention are at an end, I can turn my attention and focus back to preparing issue #3 of Polar Borealis for publication.

I expect to send out the majority of contracts to contributors over the next two weeks or so. Then payments will follow.

Still intend to publish in December. Certainly no later than December. Late in November if possible.

Still some negotiations with authors to complete, requests for slight rewrites and such. The usual in other words. I anticipate no delays.

Cheers! The Graeme

Polar Borealis submissions closed for a while

Hate like hell to do this but I’ve built up such a backlog of stuff I want to publish anyone new being accepted won’t appear till the summer issue next year. Long time to wait.

At the rate submissions are coming in soon I’ll be forced to tell people I want to publish them but it won’t happen till 2018, or 2019, or whatever. Hardly fair to hopefuls.

So, even though my original intention had been to be always open, I’m cutting off short story submissions as of now.

I’ll get the next two issues out, then open up once again, possibly in late spring next year.

Sorry about this, but it is just the way it has to be.

However, I am still open to poetry submissions.

Art submissions on hold. Not sure how long as yet.

Cheers!  Graeme



Polar Borealis #3 on hold

I regret that my ever increasing duties regarding chairing VCON 41 ( Go to to check it out. If you can, buy a membership. It’s going to be a fun convention!) force me to put all my other activities on hold.

I have selected all the material for PB #3. And PB#4 for that matter. But I won’t have time to do any editing or sending out contracts till after the first week in October.

In the meantime, I’m still accepting story and poetry submissions, but it may take several weeks before I respond.

Things will get back to normal, with Polar Borealis once again my highest priority, once VCON 41 is over.

Still intending to publish PB #3 before the end of the year.

Cheers!  Graeme

POLAR BOREALIS #2 published!

POLAR BOREALIS #2 is now available for free download to anyone who wants to read it.

Click on “Current/Back Issues” above and scroll down to feast your eyes on the following:

Cover art by Eric Chu.

Poems by Colleen Anderson, Rissa Johnson, Mary Choo, Eileen Kernaghan, Rhea Rose, and J.Y.T. Kennedy.

Stories by Stan G. Hyde, Ron S. Friedman, Steve Fahnestalk, Michael John Bertrand, Holly Schofield, David Perlmutter, R. Graeme Cameron, Catherine Girczyc, dvsduncan, Nina Munteanu, Matthew Hughes, and Spider Robinson.

I am very happy with the way this issue came together. A hearty “thank you” to all the contributors.

Cheers!   The Graeme