Polar Starlight #6 now available for free download!

Just go to “Current/Back Issues” and scroll down to the appropriate link.

Polar StarLight #6 (June 2022 issue) contains:

Cover Art by Tracy Shepherd. 16 Poems by Gregg Chamberlain, Shayne Dahl, Robert Dawson, Greg Fewer, Sandra Hunter, Neile Graham, James Grotkowski, R.K. Persaud, Frances Skene, Jim Smith, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, LisaTimpf, and Gerald L. Truscott.

Polar Borealis Open to Short Story Submissions

Polar Borealis Magazine is open to short story submissions throughout the month of June. The submission window ends Midnight Pacific Daylight Time, June 30, 2022.

Go to “FAQ,” “Pay Rates,” Submission Guidelines,” and “Submission Status” for details.

Note: Polar Borealis is a narrow-niche magazine devoted to promoting Canadian authors, so only Canadian citizens or residents may submit.