Polar Borealis #2 coming soon

Since I launched Polar Borealis Magazine in January I have received 81 submissions from Canadian authors, namely 48 short stories and 33 poems. Not bad, methinks.

The second issue is well on its way to publication sometime in July/August. Contracts are currently being sent out. Payments will follow. Everyone might even be paid before publication! That be my goal for every issue.

Third issue (third in a series of three “Proof of Concept” issues) should be out no later than November/December.

Feeling good about the future of PB. I can swing it if I can consistently put aside $100 a month. That would guarantee three issues a year. Someday I’d like to go to four issues a year, then every two months.

There’s enough talent out there to fill that many issues a year no problem. All I need is to be able to afford paying the contributors. Not a task which discourages me. I’m having too much fun.