Polar Starlight Magazine not currently open to submissions.

POLAR STARLIGHT, a brand-new Canadian Speculative Poetry Magazine devoted to publishing and promoting Canadian SF&F poets (four issues so far) was open throughout the month of November in 2022 to poetry submissions. The submissions window was closed at the end of November.

Publisher: R. Graeme Cameron.

Editor: Rhea E. Rose, a well-known and highly respected British Columbia poet.

Polar Starlight features 16 poems in every issue. 89 poems were received. Enough were selected to fill issues #5 & 6. At some point in early 2022 the submissions window for poetry will reopen.

Payment is flat rate of $10 CAD per poem 60 lines or less.
(And $40 CAD for cover art).

For more info on type of poems sought, requirements, and how to submit, see “FAQ,” “Submission Guidelines” and “Submission Status” elsewhere on this site. Also check out “Contract” to read my standard contract.