Submission Status

POLAR BOREALIS IS  CURRENTLY OPEN FOR SHORT STORIES & COVER ART SUBMISSIONS, BUT note that the poetry submission window closed midnight, September 30, 2023. Not currently open for poetry submissions.

Polar Borealis is open for science fiction/fantasy/horror/alternate history/weird fiction short stories three thousand words or less.

For financial / budget reasons the majority of stories I seek will be 1,000 words or less, a few can be 2,000 words or less, and maybe one per issue 3,000 words or less. The shorter and more concise your story, the better the possibility I will accept it.

The current submission window for Polar Borealis the month of October 2023. It will close Midnight, Halloween, October 31, 2023.

POLAR STARLIGHT CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR POETRY BUT OPEN FOR COVER ART SUBMISSIONS. The poetry submission window closed midnight, September 30 2023 (Polar Starlight does not publish short stories, only poems). 

When Polar Borealis and Polar Starlight are open to poems (60 lines or less) Rhea and I will be looking for Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror-themed poems. All poems received will be regarded as submissions to both magazines. Submission window will close Midnight September 30, 2023.

Polar Starlight (edited by Rhea Rose) publishes only original poems never before published. Polar Borealis (edited by R. Graeme Cameron) prefers originals, but will consider reprints (Title of previous publication & date required).

Am always open to cover art on the above themes.

Open only to Canadians, long-term foreign residents living in Canada, landed immigrants, or Canadians currently living outside Canada.

Apart from the publisher’s right to maintain the Polar Borealis/Starlight issue with your work online indefinitely, all rights revert to contributors within one week of publication.

See FAQ and Submission Guidelines for more info.