Polar Borealis Wins Second Aurora Award!

On October 15th, during the 2021 Aurora Awards ceremony hosted by Can*Con, Polar Borealis Magazine, in the category “Best Fan Writing and Publication,” won an Aurora Award for a second year in a row. Huzzah!

My aceptance speech read as follows:

“Wow. I am very pleased to accept this award.

I like to promote and celebrate the talented people who create Canadian Speculative Fiction.

So, you see, this reward isn’t really for me.

It belongs to the imaginative and brilliant creators I publish.

This award is all about celebrating them. They each deserve this award.

But, since it isn’t physically possible to share this award with all the people responsible for my winning it, I’ll just have to display it on my book case at home, on their behalf, of course.

But seriously, this award really does belong to them. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everybody who voted… for them.

So, cheers! I’m happy. I be very happy.”

Polar Borealis #19 now available for free download

Polar Borealis #19 is now published and available for free download.

Just go to “Current/Back Issues” and scroll down to appropriate link.

Cover art by Akem.

Poems by Jennifer R. Slebodia, Roxanne Barbour, James Grotkowski, Sean Dowd, Frances Skene, R.A. Clarke, Colleen Anderson, and Douglas Shimizu.

Stories by Byrne Montgomery, Robert Dawson, David F. Shultz, Richard Keelan, Rio Murphy, Virginia O’Dine, Kellee Kranendonk, and Jean-Louis Trudel.

Polar Borealis #20 should come out before the end of the year.

Polar Starlight #3 should come out later this month.

Polar Starlight #2 now available for free download!

Polar Starlight #2 is now published and can be downloaded for free.

Just go to “Current/Back Issues” and scroll down to the appropriate link.

With Cover Art
 by David F. Shultz.

Poems by Roxanne Barbour, Carolyn Clink, Josh Connors, Neile Graham, James Grotkowski, Carla Stein, Robert Stevenson, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, A.O. Wallat, and Changming yuan.

Note: The next issue of Polar Borealis (#19) is slated for August, to be followed by Polar Starlight #3 in September.

Polar Borealis # 18 now available for free download.

The latest issue of Polar Borealis, #18, is now available for free download.

Just go to “Current/Back Issues” and scroll down to click on the appropriate link.

Issue #18 contains the following:

Cover Art by Swati Chavda.

Poems by Greg Fewer, Melanie Marttila, KB Nelson, Lynne Sargent, Douglas Shimizu, J.J. Steinfeld, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, and Lisa Timpf.

Stories by Alistair Bibby, Robert Dawson, Geoffrey Hart, Pamela Kenney, Martin Munks, Lena Ng, David F. Shultz, and Garth Spencer,

Polar Starlight #1 now available for free download!

Just go to the “Current/Back Issues” page and scroll down to the appropriate link.

The issue contains the following:

Cover art by Swati Chavda.

Poems by Colleen Anderson, M. Sean Dowd, Bernadette Gabay Dyer, LeRoy Gorman, Neile Graham, KB Nelson, Elizabeth Page, Lynne Sargent, David F. Shultz, Virginia Carraway Stark, Richard Stevenson, and Marcie Lynn Tentchoff.

This is the first of many issues to come showcasing Canadian speculative fiction poets.

February Submission Window now closed.

Received 109 short stories and 126 poems. Will take several weeks to process and make selections.

However, Rhea Rose has already chosen the poems to appear in the first issue of Starlight which will come out later this month. Rhea intends to choose enough poems to fill out three subsequent issues.

In April issue #18 of Polar Borealis will be published, utilizing the last of the accepted submissions which came in February of last year. Issue #19, possibly to come out in June or July, will be the first of four issues to make use of the recent bout of submissions.

Probably the next submission period will be February of 2022. Or earlier, if need be.

The scope of both magazines means I’ve committed to publishing 96 genre poems a year. Canadian SF&F genre poets take note!

Polar Borealis Issue #17 now available for free download!

The latest issue of Polar Borealis now online for you to read.

Just go to “Current/back issues” and scroll down to click on the link.

Issue #17 offers you the following treats:

Cover art by Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk.

Poems by Roxanne Barbour, Swati Chavda, Richard Stevenson, Melanie Marttila, Melanie Friedman, Lisa Timpf, Lee F. Patrick, and Jean-Louis Trudel.

Stories by Martin Munks, Fran Skene, Arlene F. Marks, Sylvia Son, Alexander Winfield, Paula Johanson, Justin Dill, and R.A. Clarke.

Polar Starlight Magazine open for submissions!

Announcing POLAR STARLIGHT, a brand-new Canadian Speculative Poetry Magazine devoted to publishing and promoting Canadian SF&F poets.

Publisher: R. Graeme Cameron.

Editor: Rhea E. Rose, a well-known and highly respected British Columbia poet.

Polar Starlight will be published at least 4 times a year featuring 16 poems in every issue.

Payment is flat rate of $10 CAD per poem 60 lines or less.
(And $40 CAD for cover art).

For more info on type of poems sought, requirements, and how to submit, see “FAQ,” “Submission Guidelines” and “Submission Status” elsewhere on this site. Also check out “Contract” to read my standard contract.

Note: poems received will be considered submissions to BOTH Polar Starlight AND Polar Borealis. Doubles your chance of being accepted!

Submission window for Polar Starlight will be open on an ongoing basis, unless we get swamped, in which case it may be closed on a temporary basis.