October/November Issue #7 almost ready!

Issue #7 is in final proofing stages and will be posted probably first week in November. It is a new “ensmalled” version with just 7 stories and 6 poems. This will be the standard from now on, as dictated by financial considerations. On the other hand, it should make more frequent publication possible.

Indeed, I intend to publish issue #8 in December! And I have enough material for 2 more issues after that. Consequently I won’t be opening another submissions till late Spring at earliest.

Am happy to report three of the poems I published in issue #4 were nominated for this year’s Aurora Awards in the “Best Poem/Song category,” namely:

“Heaven is the Hell of No Choices” by Matt Moore,

“Meat Puppets” by Lynne Sargent, and

“Shadows in the Mist” by Lee F. Patrick.

At the Aurora Awards ceremony at VCON 42 in Richmond the winner was revealed to be “Heaven is the Hell of No Choices” by Matt Moore.

Kudos to all three! I sincerely hope Polar Borealis will publish many more future Aurora nominees!

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