Polar Borealis submissions closed for a while

Hate like hell to do this but I’ve built up such a backlog of stuff I want to publish anyone new being accepted won’t appear till the summer issue next year. Long time to wait.

At the rate submissions are coming in soon I’ll be forced to tell people I want to publish them but it won’t happen till 2018, or 2019, or whatever. Hardly fair to hopefuls.

So, even though my original intention had been to be always open, I’m cutting off short story submissions as of now.

I’ll get the next two issues out, then open up once again, possibly in late spring next year.

Sorry about this, but it is just the way it has to be.

However, I am still open to poetry submissions.

Art submissions on hold. Not sure how long as yet.

Cheers!  Graeme



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