More submissions!

Wow! It’s starting to rain submissions. They’re beginning to pour in.

Two short stories and three poems in one day. Excellent.

But I’ll wait to read them because I’ve been sick as a dog the last twenty hours or so. Food poisoning maybe, or a particularly wretched flu.

It does my potential contributors no favour to struggle through a first reading while resisting the urge to vomit. And for all the wrong reasons too.

I think I’ll wait till I’m in a more impartial frame of mind. Will get back to everybody within a week or less. As someone who spent 40 years waiting for word from assorted persnickety editors I figure I owe it to contributors to respond ASAP. I know the pain of waiting.

Issue#2 IS full up, so anything I select from now on will be going into issue #3 which may not come out till January. And there’s a special “themed” issue for later in 2017 I may put contributions aside for. More on that in the near future.

Cheers! The Graeme


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