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(Note: PB #2 Cover art by Eric Chu)


POLAR BOREALIS Magazine is a non-profit semi-professional SF fiction magazine which costs nothing and is free to anyone who wants to read it. No income is derived from distribution of this online non-profit magazine, nor is any income derived from any ads contained within its pages. All ads are placed at no charge to the advertiser. Polar Borealis Magazine is strictly a private hobby publication.

NEVERTHELESS POLAR BOREALIS IS A PAYING MARKET FOR CANADIAN AUTHORS AND ARTISTS, albeit for sums less than SFWA standards, which is why POLAR BOREALIS is deemed “semi-professional” rather than “professional” by definition. All contributors are normally paid on acceptance (depending on the Publisher’s state of finances).

So, if you want to read the latest issue, simply go to Current/Back Issues, click on it, and open the appropriate file. Download if you like. It’s free.

And if you’d like to submit a story, poem or art to Polar Borealis, check out the Submission Guidelines, the PB FAQ, and anything else that looks interesting, then send your query and/or word document MS to: polar.borealis.magazine@gmail.com

Take note that the upcoming fourth issue is complete. I am currently gathering poems for the fifth issue, and will reopen for short story submissions possibly as early as September.

Since it is not easy to cover costs on a fixed pension income, I have started a “GoFundMe Campaign” asking anyone interested in supporting this magazine to donate small amounts to help with costs. All, and I mean ALL the money received will go directly to pay the authors, poets and artists contributing to the zine. Any and all help appreciated.

You are welcome to donate at: https://www.gofundme.com/jwj3dzgc

Thank you!

Cheers! R. Graeme Cameron

P.S. Check out Duotrope at < http://duotrope.com > for listings of this magazine and other writers markets.

Quick note on Fiction Pay Rate:

Duotrope lists my poetry rate as semi-professional because $10 CA exceeds $5 minimum US.

However, Duotrope lists my fiction rate as “Token Payment” because I pay less than 1 cent a word US. True. But I pay 1 cent a word in Canadian funds, and publish only Canadian authors, so the 1 cent a word does indeed = 1 cent, just not in American funds. So, speaking for myself, I still regard Polar Borealis as semi-professional, at least within a Canadian context.

Apart from my delusional thinking, please understand that a “Token Payment” sale (by American calculation) is still a legitimate and genuine sale, albeit not up to SFWA standard.

I highly recommend Duotrope as a superb listing service of potential markets for writers. As a publisher, I’ve found them lightning fast in responding to update information. You can’t go wrong with Duotrope.

Another excellent source is <  http://ralan.com/  >


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Polar Borealis Magazine

  1. When will No. 5 be published?

    Also, using the Firefox browser, I tried to save previous issues to a Firefox widget called “Pocket” to read offline. The issues were saved as PDF files which were, however, deemed damaged—or somehow otherwise defective so that they were unreadable. Many other online articles saved to Pocket have worked just fine. Have others experienced this problem? Is there a fix?

    • Hi Cliff! After delay beyond my control, issue #5 will be published in February. I have no idea why your widget couldn’t read the Polar Borealis issues, all of which are stored on the website as PDF files. Not compatible maybe. Yours is the only complaint so far out of hundreds of downloads.

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