Zombie Intrusion: Current BCSFAzine

BCSFAzine #542 – Jul 2020

BCSFAzine #541 – Jun 2020

BCSFAzine #540 – May 2020

BCSFAzine #539 – Apr 2020

BCSFAzine #538 – Mar 2020

Until I can figure out how to get back into my BCSFAzine website, this will be the temporary host page for the B.C. SF Association clubzine “BCSFAzine.”

I. the former “God-Editor” of BCSFAzine back in the early 1990s, Zombie-like, have returned from the dead zone of gafiation.

Note: You can submit inquires, proposed articles, and letters of comment to
< the.graeme.bcsfazine@gmail.com >.

Be warned that anything remotely resembling a letter of comment will automatically be excerpted into the “Ook! Ook! Slobber! Drool!” LoC column of the next issue.